Application Process, Requirements, and Disqualifiers for Police Officer and Cadet:

Animal Control Officer

$15.65 - $19.57 Hourly
Training Division

The Animal Control Officer position promotes education and public safety by enforcing the state laws and city ordinances related to the humane care and treatment of animals.

Examples of Duties:
Investigates reports of violations of state laws and city ordinances including inhumane, neglectful, or cruel treatment of animals, animal bites, dangerous dog attacks, rabies exposures, nuisance animals, and livestock violations.

Utilize discretion and proper judgment with authority to gain compliance through the issuance of citations and warnings, and/or authoring and executing search and seizure warrants and testifying at court hearings.

Proactively patrol the community for loose dogs, using a combination of training, experience, and critical thinking skills to capture and remove unattended or stray animals from the local from the local parks and neighborhoods.

Participate in various community events and public outreach; utilize knowledge of animals to educate the public on animal related issues including: animal care, control, laws, ordinances, practices, and safe handling techniques.

Operate and maintain a variety of equipment including Animal Control vehicle, two-way radio, mobile computer terminal, body worn camera, conducted electronic weapon, catchpoles, traps, snares, nets, et.


It is the policy of this Department not to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, equal pay, genetic information, or any other manner that violates the law. No artificial barriers shall be intentionally or otherwise created to deny either qualified applicants for employment or current employees of the Department equal employment consideration. Violations of this policy shall be cause for disciplinary action.