A career in law enforcement can be one of the most rewarding paths for your future. Whether you have always dreamed of serving your community as a patrol officer, or if you can think quick on your feet and multi-task as a dispatcher, working with the Round Rock Police Department promises to be a fulfilling occupation. Take a look at the career tracks below to find out what really happens during the day in the life of each department position.



The Patrol Division provides police services within the incorporated city limits of Round Rock. The city has 35.9 square miles separated into four sectors, each containing beats. The Division has 120 total personnel comprised of patrol officers, school resource officers, traffic officers, and law enforcement support techs. School resource officers are stationed at each school and handle any calls that occur on their campus. Traffic officers are responsible for traffic enforcement and collision investigations. They patrol in marked units or motorcycles.



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CID has 45 total personnel that make up 8 different units: Major Crimes – investigates homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, aggravated Felonies, and sexual assaults. Domestic Crimes – investigates child abuse and family violence. General Crimes – investigates property crimes, non-family assaults, and non-aggravated robberies. White Collar Crimes – responsible for computer forensics, high-tech crimes, and forgery. Narcotics – investigates narcotics offenses. Special Investigations Unit – investigates “spree” and related crimes, vice operations, and conducts surveillance. Crime Scene – collects evidence recovered at crime scenes; also responsible for fingerprint development/examination and operating the department’s evidence-processing lab. Evidence – documents, preserves, and maintains the integrity of evidence and chain-of-custody of all property that comes into their possession in accordance with State laws, City ordinance, and departmental policies and procedures.



The Training Division is responsible for developing and providing advanced continuing education to the Round Rock Police Department. It is our goal to provide the latest training in law enforcement knowledge and skills, enhance leadership abilities, and promote a solid ethical foundation to our workforce. We actively search for the most qualified police and civilian candidates to apply for our department.



DISPATCH There’s a call for help. Will you answer the call? The first voice in public safety, our civilian operators answer 911 calls from residents, dispatch officers, and convey critical information between both groups. Between 911 Call Takers and Public Safety Communications Operators, they provide police, fire, and animal control response to the public, as well as non-emergency assistance to citizens. They answer both administrative and 911 calls for service within the city and take appropriate action or transfer calls to other agencies or departments when necessary. Operators attend daily briefing, process warrants, and are proficient in numerous software and databases. They are the consummate multi-taskers and are expected to keep a level head in all types of situations. Every day involves helping others yet no two days are exactly alike. Dispatch is a 24/7/365 operation. Like Patrol, Dispatch never sleeps and never takes a day off.   VICTIM SERVICES The Victim Services Division provides crisis intervention and emotional support to victims of crime, many of whom are going through the worst day of their lives. At all hours of the day, Victim Services Advocates respond to requests for services by police department personnel and members of the community. Services include providing advocacy, Crime Victims’ Compensation assistance, court and hospital accompaniment, transportation, and shelter assistance. They help victims understand their rights and connect victims with other service providers and resources. Their on-call, on-site assistance helps a victim navigate the criminal justice system while allowing law enforcement to investigate. They have seen and heard a lot, however, they remain compassionate.